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San Diego Classifieds Community

San Diego Classifieds
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
A community for musicians, collectors, and the like to trade, sell, or purchase music equipment and accessories with other community members.

Because posting is limited to members-only, you must first join the community to post. When posting, please put either "Selling," "Trading," or "Purchasing" in the subject line, then put all text and pictures beneath an LJ-Cut.

All intermember activity is at your own discretion, meaning that this community is not liable for any misconduct of members during the selling, trading, and or purchasing process. This is why we suggest that all merchandise is fully inspected and tested by the potential buyer. However, if something like this is to occur and a reimbursement is not made, we'd appreciate your help to stop them by reporting the culprits so that we may ban them from community and add them to our list of "Questionable Sellers, Traders, and or Buyers".

Thank you for using the San Diego Classifieds Community.