Eric Lofholm International, Inc. (ericlofholmintl) wrote in sdclassifieds,
Eric Lofholm International, Inc.

Dear Sales Superstar-in-the-Making:

Are you tired of hearing the words "no," "maybe," and "I'll think about it" from your prospects? Are your sales rejections getting you down?

Is your list of leads dwindling (or non-existent!) as you struggle to find the next sale, and the next and the next? Could your lead generation system use a good boost?

The truth is, maybe you're simply missing a few powerful sales and closing techniques that could make all the difference in the world. Perhaps, with a little help, you could dramatically improve your closing rate?!

You're about to discover the secrets of generating more referrals than you can handle and increasing your closing rate to record levels!

Eric Lofholm is offering his famous 2-day program in your area absolutely free!

Sept. 23rd & 24th: Walnut Creek, CA
Oct. 28th & 29th: Sacramento, CA
Dec. 2nd & 3rd: San Diego, CA

“Give me just 2 days and I’ll reveal how to generate a constant stream of hot leads and how to apply the most powerful closing strategies in the world, that can help you double, even TRIPLE you income… all for FREE!!!

To learn more about ‘The Close’ and to register, go here:


To receive Eric’s FREE audio download “7 Secrets to Sales Greatness” click here.

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